Reviews for "Madness Hydraulic"

I love this game its awesome design and the attributes i built just to destroy my foes in many waves my favorite part one punching groups of enemies for a shotgun or heavy assault rifle

soy argentino xddd

Awesome! this game is plain amazing,2 things though. first of all, the hydraulics made me feel we are in a horrible drug trip, but they were good, at least they were all slipping down!. second thing, there is some glitch happening that i see transparent figures with only their hands holding some weapons. from the enemies, then they disappear. they like. dont move. dont make any idle animation, just frozen there, but it was great! also. i loved the shotgun, survived with me till the end, but i got to a lack of ammo. the game was amazing.. surprisingly the turrets were stupidly useless, and the shotgun was good. i preferred it in the madness accelerant game for scoring alot of hitting on error tricky. although i got on to alot of weapon choices for the madness mode of the game.

Tip- The shotgun is overpowered, it can fire as fast as you can press the button, it spawns regularly and gives 20 shells per drop. You can easily rack up 200+ shells, and just destroy ANYTHING

Review- Great game, a decent challenge (especially for the 2nd medal) and very very amusing

This is nostalgia for me :)