Reviews for "Madness Hydraulic"


The game is good, but it starts getting boring and repetitive after some waves.

It is extremely addictive, and even more so with how striking and cool are the weapons, there is a great bariety of weapons, each round is more difficult and complex than the other (obviously otherwise it would be too easy) but at least I value most is the artistic dicile of the characters, enemies, that old style of surviving enemy waves, and the best thing I think it would be ... the great gameplay, the controls work perfectly and that ... 5 stars darling!

After 41 waves and 2 hours of avoiding a PowerPoint presentation, THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! The music!!! The Guns!!! The absolute FUCKING INSANITY of it!!! It was amazing!!! Anyone who has not played this yet should!!!

Oh, and BTW I want a rotating zombies round please!! Thanks

For a game made 7 years ago! This is really nice... :D