Reviews for "Madness Hydraulic"

Fuck Yeah! I love Tom Fulp games

Keep making more flash games bro!

Good shit guys

i made it up to 23 and quit to write this review i glad i was on to beable to witness this from the portal to greatness keep kicking ass guys

It's a lot of fun. But it REALLY LAGS!

In terms of gameplay, it's great! But it just slows down so much that I had trouble enjoying it - it's not much of a frenzy, at 10 FPS.

I'm sorry, because in every other respect this was amazing.

It's cool.

I liked it, but I ended up using the grenade launcher a lot due to many enemies having them ^_^

Also, my mac has 4gb of RAM and took a serious performance hit even on lowest.

This game lags heavily even on low quality

I really like the game and it's concept... but it lags crazily on my iMac which has 2GB ram.... maybe i need to play this game on a PC for less lag??? hmm.. i like this game though.