Reviews for "Madness Hydraulic"

it fantastic

its asome and very good the graficks are excellent and the cpus are good. . . but i was playing and it gliched and theres a soldier i cant kill,. . but thats just unluckybut it asome other than that.

Best action game for a while

This is nice. Really challenging at first, gets easy after upgrading the health too much, though. I was like paralyzed but then when I woke up it says YOU "WIN" or something. I give 10/10 for the eye-catching gfx and noisy sfx.


best game evar but you can put boss on level 80 and new medals

Fantastic!!! :D

This is the BEST game ive every played for shooting games and VERY addicting


Awesome game man, but just after i beat it without turrets i realized i wasn't logged in !!!! =((( Ugh... there goes 2 medals...