Reviews for "Madness Hydraulic"

It's awesome but

It Lags anytime I pick up an assault rifle

Text wall incoming.

I think I know why the players (you) keep loosing control over Hank.
After... let's say stage 17 the spawn rate keeps getting bigger and bigger. Aside from that, the screen is always focused on Hank which causes a lot of movement, thus creating more lag, and in the end, you will lose control completely. So, the main problem of the game would be lag, not from the player, but from the game engine. Then again, if you have a Windows 2003 or worse, your computer wouldn't be performant enough, and lag would kick in since the first stage.
I reccomend the players that experience lag after stage 17 to minimize their quality settings. I don't know how the lag could be lowered, I'm not that much of a pro in flash, then again I'm sure Tom and Mindchamber could figure out Something.
Otherwise, the game is very great, hoping the lag will be fixed.

Great, but could be better

Great game, but, some times You loose the control.

would have been good

if u didnt losse control of hank


hey i'm sure you know many people like me lose control of hank at some point making him an easy target can you please fix this