Reviews for "Garden Gnome Carnage"

Oh yea

Glad I searched and found this game. Haven't played it in 9 months, and I still want to come back and play. Great job, fun, entertaining (hilarious), challenging, and the graphics... well, not stunning, but if you don't love you some 8-bit intensity, you're just not a real gamer.

Dude that is so fucking funny you should make more

Dude that was so hilarious especially when the gnomes are screaming. You are one of the most funniest guys I've ever encountered keep up the good work.

that game is

a situation brutha.

Fav game!

This game is why I chose my user name. I love how it isn't too hard and how addicting it is. It's so funny too!


This is probably my hundredth time playing this game. It is SO addicting and funny! 5/5 10/10