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Reviews for "Garden Gnome Carnage"


It was difficult even to get to level sixty, but once there the gold bricks fell in droves. It is an extremely fun game.

This game

is pretty freakin awesome. Minigame (well the one I got to lol) was good. I got like over level 60 n decided to stop, but I know what to play next time I want a decently fast paced, fun and also funny game.

Well done

It's a great game with nice graphics and great music. The gameplay is the best yet i feel you aren't totally in control and sometimes pure luck saves you from losing. I liked the odd minigame too. Overall a very well done game!

Its okay

Its a random game but a good one


Very unique concept and totally fun to play! I love the bonus round "now for something completely different" I lol'd pretty hard. Gets pretty fast paced and fun I only made it to level 39 but it was a blast!