Reviews for "Loneliness."

Thank you

I really enjoyed this.

The kind of stuff I like and not enough people submitting here to NG.



The music was amazing, you actually started to feel lonely as you listend to it, Five out of five and 10 out of 10 is it the most fun game ever? no. but It truly makes you feel and I like that a lot. I for one love this, and I really wish I knew what the song was because its utterly beautiful, Bravo


I like the way you do the notgames or so... I already had this feeling with ''Killer''.

Hey, thanks,

I'm a Korean. its quite true of this, its quite closed up with groups in Korea, its like peer pressure in America except tripled, one mistake and youre a loner for life. Good game. although sorry about the ranting on your "killer" just had to get the facts out to those who are too ignorant to care.

Your games are genius

Simple. Easy to play. Yet they get the message across so clearly. You don't get the credit you deserve for your art games. They tell a deeper meaning that the world needs to learn to hear. If people like the two below don't want to listen, that's their problem.

Absolutely beautiful.