Reviews for "Make My Next Game"

Very Slick

I never played anything like this before. Very creative and it was a little frustrating with the commands at first but then it made sense. Keep up the good work Afro-Ninja you got my vote


XD Game...It also made me LOL here are some Commands I know:

Punch Computer,Kick Computer,Knock Knock ________,Tits or GTFO,Your Mom,Drink Beer OR Coffee X3,Die,F* You,LOL OR ROFL,Crap:
1.Open Flash
2.New Project
3.Name Project "Example:Halo Reach"
4.Add to Project
6.Name Code "Example:UNSC" X5
7.Add to Project
9.Add to Project
11.Test Project
12.Debug Project
13.Publish Project
14.Submit Project
I hope this helped :)

say Fart :P

Medals walk through.

1. Knock Knock - type "knock knock", then "boo", then "dont cry".

2. Or GTFO? - type "tits or gtfo"

3. Pixel Punchers - type "break monitor" 3 times

4. Tipsy - type "drink beer" 3 times.

5. Wired - type "drink coffee" 3 times.

6. Efficient - follow all steps in number 8(dont mispell any words).

7. Inception - name the project "make my next game", before you type "submit project".

8. Success! - type "open flash", "new project", choose a name, "add to project", "art", "add to project", "music", "add to project", "code", "asdfghjklzxcvbnm" (5 times. you have to type "add code" each time),
"test project", "debug project", "publish project", "submit project".

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