Reviews for "Make My Next Game"

cut your hair XD

"i cant let the terorist win"

I like it

Fun but I can't figure out how to submit it...Ps I found the project easter egg...


I spent about 10 minutes typing in "why i'm such a ____", "why my mom's such a ____", "how to get laid", etc etc.

me: knock knock

AfroNinja: who is there?
me: doctor
AfroNinja: doctor who?
me: exactly
AfroNinja: ROFLMAO

New Category

These kinds of games are definitely the shit, and I wish there was a new category for them in newgrounds, that shit would be beast. It would be called like Command Games or something along those lines because these games are just so beast mode I say they should have their own category of games.
Also, I like how if you type "masturbate", it says "not until this game is done" lol