Reviews for "Make My Next Game"

It's a Nice Game.

Even though it's a text based game and not much for action, it's a good game to keep you entertained for a while.

Very interesting

To be honest I've never even used flash, but by just tinkering around with all the commands I was able to figure out what to do and get all the medals. So even without flash experience anyone should be able to figure out this game with a bit of messing around. Good work here. It was a good thirty minutes of fun.

Dear You-Think-Im-UGLY

Please get your head out of your butt. I have never used flash and knew how to play this game perfectly without any problem.

As for the game, i'm such a text adventure games whore so i loved this game. it's pretty nice. Loved getting the Inception medal.

sweet and funny.

i typed there add to project, code
then it asked what should i add?,
then i typed there "yourmom" then it said "thats a great code!"

lol great game

if you name the project "fuckyou" you cant submit it because it will say
"Im not going to fuckyou swf" lol