Reviews for "Make My Next Game"


if u say Fuck You to him he'll flick you off, fun game!

Really fun!

I had a really great time trying to get all the medals, and this was awesome for being so simple!

*And also, I loved trying to come up with so weird lines as possible*

Nice one...

Type in Trollololol that is all.... or Troll wtvr works.

who's ther? me! I kill you

lawl!!! tried all comands :)!!

Tacos are very hard to eat.

You don't really need flash for this game. You just need to know the commands.
1."First off, no music." Turn music off, make Shawn sad.
2."Music on" Turn music on, make Shawn happy.
3."Open Flash" Shawn opens Flash.
4."New project" New project is created.
5."Rename project"
6."Add to project" Then type the one of 7-9.
7."Art" Shawn adds art.
8."Music" Shawn adds music.
9."Code" Next command Shawn will type in as code.
10."View project" See what Shawn did.
11."Test project" Shawn tests project.
12."Debug project" Shawn debugs project.
13."Publish project" Shawn converts .fla to .swf
14."Submit project" Shawn submits flash to Newgrounds, and you win!!!
15."Punch computer" Shawn punches his computer.
16."Drink beer" Shawn drinks beer.
17."You are weird" Depress Shawn.
18."Your mom" Shawn depresses you.
19."Knock Knock" Tell Shawn a joke.
20."You are awesome" Make Shawn happy.

Well, that is all I know. Anyway, even though the music can get repetitive, overall this game is a great mind bender and a bit funny. Now have fun helping the Afro-Ninja, and have fun making him wasted.