Reviews for "Make My Next Game"


It was fun making you do stupid things^^...Nice game-making game. (Game-making game?!Wow...I love that^^). It was pretty easy, it was whacky( whacky- the state of having the crave for whacking things) because it was wacky^^, and it's , er, it's a game, right?....Nah.
To wrap it all up...it's a hilarious, fun, and time consuming(really...) game.

Afro-Ninja...This is my first review so be glad you got my first or GTFO!! >:)


it was okay but my fingers hurt halfway thru u did okay though so 9/10

i have always hated command games

9 only cause the pixels wit annoying song ty for listening to me when i said mute song :D lol any way the only way i wuld like these games if sum one wuld actually broaden the amount of command you can give
because sometimes when it tells me it didnt understand i call it a fucking retard
but besides tht great game!


This was pretty fun, but only made me want a new escape game even more.

I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this one yet, but type "Live". Pretty funny.

great game!

i crashed the universe O.o