Reviews for "Make My Next Game"


The graphics are nice and have a cool 8-bit style to them, and the music is fitting, but the game is boring, slow-paced, and ridiculously bugged.

When I start the game it won't take any commands! In fact, even refreshing it won't fix this. I think I have to wait several seconds before inputting anything which is ridiculous. This also makes it extremely obnoxious to do without a walkthrough, as the first thing I typed was "open flash" and nothing happened... So of course I decided not to try it later on... That is, of course, until the walkthrough told me to. I was incredulous that out of all of the possible commands, I had entered the right one and still a glitch prevented me from entering it correctly. The thing I realized next after that was that when you add code, you can type in ANYTHING! What the hell? I get no special medal for entering some REAL ActionScript? That's blasphemy.

The game is severely flawed, and despite the difficulty still manages to be boring.

Afro-Ninja responds:

you're the first person who has reported 'having to wait several seconds before inputting something' so I'm not really sure what to say about that... are you sure your flash player wasn't out of date?

as for not getting a medal for typing real actionscript... I hope you didn't really expect me to build a miniature AS parser inside of this game :p


Open flash projector and make the flash ;)

Holy Sh*t.

Fcukin awesome.
Got all the medals.
Also, after you do 'inception', the photo in the background changes.
Something I just noticed. LOL. :D

Pretty Good

Gotta say it`s a good game for a text command game but it could at least have a lot more text then what it has now.


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