Reviews for "Make My Next Game"

Knock Knock

AfroNinja:Whos there?
AfroNinja:AG! who?
ME: AG! My foots stuck on the door


Well, it's not all that graphically pleasing, but getting those medals is pretty funny. It was actually coded really well and I'm surprised at the amount of shit you can type in there and get an intelligent response, lol. It's better than cleverbot.

The art really isn't all that great, but you pulled it off pretty well for the animations, somehow. The few sound effects it has are appropriate, but that music is really irritating. It reminds me of that damn star trek game on the NES when I walked around for hours and couldn't figure out what to do. It's just so daunting and with no mute button. I mean, you could have at least added that? Oh...I guess I can just type that into the commands....wow I didn't realize that until just now...

Well I'm basing most of your score off originality. You seem to have a pretty funny style. Keep up the good work.


fuck you buddy lol


Who's there?
I Eat ph-
I Eat phwho?
Lmao,You eat poo?

me: knock knock

AfroNinja: who is there?
me: doctor
AfroNinja: doctor who?
me: exactly
AfroNinja: ROFLMAO