Reviews for "Oxob vs Riken"

Good stuff!

I love the fight a lot the but the ending got me the most, very funny!

amazing ending.

Typical stick fight until the end, which I loved ;)

haha i love these

Wonderful job, sadly it was kinda short, but the humor at the end really made me laugh. Great animation, i wish to see more RHG battles!

A good short time.

I didn't care for the music, outside of that it was very fluid, the visual effects for the special attacks weren't overdone, you didn't seem to recycle any sound effects and the dialogue was pretty well written. Everything was short, sweet and simple and complimented each other rather well, thank you for that flash. Oh and the "You've Got a Friend in me" song by Randy Newman at the end was a very nice touch.


totally great stick battle ;D