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Reviews for "This is Not the End"

strangely enough this seems to compliment etherealwinds' track (agnos) i was listening to the playlist
and somehow it connected haha

anyways i love that tender piano at the beginning and even though its a miniature piano (which i prefer)
it contains different moods and emotion.

cant say much besides this is a really tender, cold, emotional piece well done (mayhaps providing some sheet music?) >:)

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks, Steam! Well, I am up against etherealwinds this round, but there's also a similar sense of melancholy and hope in our individual compositions. I hadn't actually considered any similarity until you mentioned it, so that's kind of unexpectedly cool. :D

Is it just the piano progression that you want? Send me a PM letting me know, as well as how you would like me to send it to you (email or whatever) and I'll see about getting you some sheet music. ^_^

Very well written and played. I like the contrast between the hopeful and the sad parts. The strings have a nice supportive role. I like how to put down a blanket of chords for the piano.

ChronoNomad responds:

That emotional juxtaposition is what I really love about this piece, as well. It's like the precarious balance of life, so often tipping closer to one or the other extreme. Switching between simultaneous and rolled notes is a simple yet effective strategy, and I just love playing those rich chord progressions. Thank you very much for the review and awesome score, SJ!

wonderful! a very nice atmosphere, and amazing piano work. as Kor-Rune said, the piano could have had a warmer tone, but that's not really a deal-breaker for me at all. I noticed you've been pouting about lacking the expensive orchestral libraries and stuff. but this piece proves that you're doing perfectly fine without them! keep it up, my friend. I hope you get really far in the NGADM. =)

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks a lot, Jake! I'm not sure I'd quite admit to pouting over my lack of pricey orchestral suites, but gazing wistfully in their general direction with the occasional sigh? Oh my goodness, yes! Nevertheless, I am very fortunate to have been able to pick up FL Studio this year (farewell, my previous DAW!), and am quite happy with the SoundFonts and scant VSTs that I currently have at my disposal. The rest will come in time. In the interim, I am overjoyed by such fantastic feedback and just to be in this competition!

Being up against the exceedingly talented etherealwinds in this round shadows my NGADM future with doubt, but regardless of the outcome I can be confident that I gave it my all. It's been a truly fun and educational experience, and I simply don't want it to end! ^_^

You can really work those chords, every note meshes with lots of grace, those changes are fantastic. x.x

I only wish the piano had a bit more warmth in the timbre when the dynamic changes, but goodness it's written so nice. <: please keep making more and good luck in NGADM!

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks so much, Kor-Rune! Your words are kind and greatly appreciated.

I've got a GIG file piano that has a richly warm and emotional sound, but I'm having a hell of time figuring out just how to use the bloody thing without crashing FL Studio. I feel like I've come a long way since I got the DAW earlier this year, but there's still tons to learn. It makes me really happy to hear that you enjoyed the music, especially since all I have to work with are freebie SoundFonts. I try to make the best out of what I've got, and hopefully I manage to succeed in some small way. That being said, one of these days I'll save enough pennies to raid the vault at East/West! :D

Sounds epic! I love that pad-like piano. I like your use of reverberation to elongate presence of the sounds. That's something I always like to do myself. The part at 2:20 reminded me of Metroid Prime as it's soundtrack uses a choir that sounds just like that. Most of the track reminds me of the game actually. Great job as usual! Are you still going good in the competition?

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks for another great review, Sonic! This is the best piano that I have currently, and it comes from the Pop Rock SoundFont, which also has some other very nice instruments, including a Wurlitzer piano, organ, guitars, string quartet, basses, and a drum kit. One of the more interesting fonts I've found, and I really enjoy using it. The nature of the piece itself demanded some good reverb and convolver effects, and I am thoroughly happy with the end result. I do seem to like that Boychoir, don't I? It works quite well in the background and contributed nicely to the overall feel of the music.

Yes, I am still in this contest for the nonce. Tomorrow (Friday the 13th, ominously enough) is the final submission date for most of us NGADMers, and after that there will be five days of judging before I know if my road terminates here or not. We shall see!

I'm currently working on my contribution to the Harmony of Heroes CD (a Super Smash Bros. Remix collab). #shamelessplug My part of the project is a jazzy Rock remix from EarthBound consisting of mainly piano, drums, and bass. It's pretty much finished, unless I decide to expand it with another instrument or two, but I can't let it distract me from the competition too much. I'm not sure if I'll be able to actually post the entire song here on Newgrounds or not, but I'll find out and share what I can as I am allowed. :)