Reviews for "Entertainment"


You sound like the joker and i think you should do a batman video now :]

akoRn responds:

why you wanna KILL ME?!?! xD ahahaa


The visuals were interesting, but the voice acting was just...less than entertaining and somewhat annoying. I'm sure it would be much more engaging if you had a better voice actor for your video.

akoRn responds:

thanks.. I wanna make sure ppl remember this flash.. Ppl will go "yo, hav u watch Entertainemnt in NG"
and the other guy go like "what, the 1 with Joker like narrator? YEAH!"


Yep, I agree with this message

The brainwashing changes our opinions, and I've been brainwashed many times aswell, so nice idea, nice animation, but could've been better. I'll give it an 8.

akoRn responds:

fair enuff, thanks for watching.

Overall Great

I think the voic acting could have been better but the animation was top notch

akoRn responds:

theres always room for improvement!! :D thx


The animation was pretty damn good the writing was average and the voice acting was just less than mediocre.

akoRn responds:

thanks for commenting. :)