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I've never played Left 4 Dead!

akoRn responds:

:O :O :O :O me too! wait, i juz played it yesterday. AHAHHA. thx

I love everything about this

My favorite is the voice acting, but I really enjoyed the cut-out art style, animation, and even the ending. Well done indeed!

akoRn responds:

thanks man, appreciate it. =]
credit to the VA for the job well done

Lol, such a great sattire

Nice sattire of ignorant people. =) As for the comment below me, I agree, Lady Gaga ain't nothing special, she is just a money mongering attention.....you know what. Lol.

I like the art, its really unique. And the voice acting is good. Great Job.

akoRn responds:

thanks man

Wa alikumsalam

I can tell you made it 'freaky' on purpose as you wanted the message to stick.

Even I used to be obsessed with things like DBZ and what not. Media can really influence us. Even that beeeotch lady gaga has corrupted so many people, who don't know it.

akoRn responds:

hahaha.. ya, now every1 wanna dress like a freak. xD

nicely done

hhahahahahhaa the person sounded like the joker from bat man i loved it and yes they do brain wash u i used to play diablo 2 all day i would say to my mom or dad ok ill be right out and next thing i new it was 10 at night

akoRn responds:

damnnnn.. haha thx for the comment n the sharing