Reviews for "Entertainment"


that gut sounded almost exactly like Dark Knight Joker

akoRn responds:



That is scary and true...
The animation is great, and you made us see something that usually we don't notice!
You get 10/10 and 5/5 from me

akoRn responds:

thanks, unfortunately not every1 can see it.. but nvm, thank YOU!! :D

Bah humbug.

Sorry, not a fan. The voice was too over the top. Too many lame breaths after each statement. It sounded like you were trying way to hard to act maniacal. Mania doesn't suit you, and the message wasn't there. Stick to mundane. '_'

akoRn responds:

iight thanks.. we'll improve.

This was great!

I thought this was awesome! XD great voice and lovely animation

akoRn responds:

thx dudeeeeeeeeeee


And the way ge talks looks like The Joker of Dark Knight.

akoRn responds:

thanks.. the VA surely thx u for the compliment