Reviews for "Entertainment"

Very good video

Love the drawing.
and it's true at some point,keep up the good work.

akoRn responds:

thanks. =]

I'm sorry, i just don't get it.

Your point was there, but lost credence when you started trying to use weird analogies that didn't make much sense and that distracted from the main idea/focus of your point. The maniacal voice sounded maniacal until just before the brainwashing part, then it was just stupid.

I got the whole entertainment influences us, but the fact that your using Left 4 Dead which is a fps game and having a guy shooting people at the end makes it seem as if you think the reason violence happens is because of violent video games/entertainment. Just cause i watched my dad play Doom when i was younger or actually played it myself (when i was 2 or 3) will make me violent today. Or that people that play Left 4 Dead now are going to shoot people because they think a fat guy looks like a boomer.

The fact that bastards in our government are attempting to ban all these games i love to play because of this false logic makes this flash seam like an attempt to applaud these attempts to fuck with my life and freedom to play whatever game i want. RedFighter made some very good points, and for those of you who disagree need to quit rating things on newgrounds.

I really didn't like the flash or the message at all, i am really a lot less concerned about the "brainwashing" in multimedia than i am concerned about the shit some schools pull. I think the move Avatar was much more of an attempt to "brainwash" than any mature game ive played. Bunch of stupid bullshit that movie was. special effects were good, concept was good, but thats it. The plot just sucked ass.

akoRn responds:

you're sorry? ok, i forgive u.. hehe.. :D

Well i liked it

But... I find it sad that people dont except other oppinions (red fighter)

When people klicked his dislike button, dont u think that they have been manipulated by YOUR mulitmedia dear animator? I find it kind of awkward to present critics on multimedia while using them... It almost i cant trust ur message even though for me its not like u think. I for my self do know im beeing brainwashed. I guess even without TV i would be manipulated. If not to buy shoes or MC Donalds, maybe to go to war and hail to my king? (excuse my bad english im german)

well i likes it anyway for the animation and sound ill give it 4/5

akoRn responds:

thanks. i aint forcin any1 to believe, ppl go their choice.. hehe. thx. :)


It seems more like a terrible joker impersonator was just brainwashing me than games are. But I have to admit, games do affect you pretty badly sometimes. For example, I used to play one of those jewel swapping games, then I would involuntarily think about putting random objects in rows of 3. Time Fcuk had a similar effect.
But anyway, I think Entertainment is a bad name, because it's honestly false advertising. It would be more entertaining if it was game that looked like that part when the squares go all yellow.

akoRn responds:

ahahahaa.. :P


You do have a point, they do change how we look at things... But that last part, where the guy talking appeared to have killed some people... Is that supposed to represent the whole 'video games cause murder' thing? Or was that just random creepyness added in there as a shock factor of sorts?
I won't agree that it's necessarily brainwashing, though. Dictionary description is a change of attitudes or beliefs through, uh, bad methods, like torturing, or repetitive things like commercials or video games. While we may look at something like "Hey! That person looks like a boomer/witch/heavy/scout/evil mastermind!" that's only making a comparison. It would not cause us to act much differently, unless you include making jokes or talking about it. But, then, the same could be applied to food. "Hey, that guy looks like a potato!" So, basically, according to you, if someone makes a comparison between a person and an item of food, they've been brainwashed by food... If you said that, you'd sound crazy. Like, off the wall insane. Nobody would take you seriously. At all. Ever. And, sure, it's "Running around in our little heads" BUT, unless you never do ANYTHING at all, and just die the moment you can form thoughts and have memories, there will always be something running through your head. I'm thinking about food right now, actually. Sun Chips. They've brainwashed me, according to you. Oh dear lord, no. Now I'm going to defy my religion. Because of chips. Huh...
And, if you were suggesting with that last scene that video games/ various medias cause murder, you're wrong on that too. Those are only extreme cases where people go too far. And they are VERY rare. People have just blown them up into giants for their own causes. Someone who murdered over media would probably murder someone if something similar happened in real life anyway, and if electronic media in general, had never existed. =l
Overall, I give it a 3/10, 2/5. Mainly because you've decided to head on the wrong path a tad in my opinion, and gone to the extreme black-and-white spectrum. Without doing much research, I might add. Animation was fairly good, voice acting was okay, it could stand to have a bit better microphone, though. Though, of course, some of us don't have the money or the place to get high quality recordings, so I can forgive that. XD

Bottom line, to sum my general view up is, if you're going to do an informational video of sorts, especially one this creepy, get your facts and definitions straight. The shock factor of this is unbelievably high, and tied in with the untruths that it speaks, it can lead to some people being very ill informed about things, and taking a side against video games that they really shouldn't. You're actually doing some brainwashing with this video, in fact.

akoRn responds:

arent u the smart one.. thx for sharing.