Reviews for "Entertainment"

dont! im a naive!

literally, this is spooky. soon i watch this( i mean, those brown background), i already know, this is a psycho-made for(great narration, congrats!).

and ur message is DELIGHTING,SOOTHING for those who can see. what you convey, is accurate. not going to object. really.

---we are viewing this from a media, via my pc, via newgrounds. am i being brainwashed? (im a naive!please!dont!). its all depends on how perceive it then.

please, manipulate this MEDIA more to us. we want more. oh ya, hope u success with this project of yours. hope ur sire can judge how we judge this flash.


akoRn responds:

HAHA.. thanks. dont worry, i mean no harm.. Im juz doing this for an assignment. Its based on wat the lecturer exposed us to, opened our eyes.. It's interesting. thanks again. :)

Right on target!

It's sad that most people don't realize they're being brainwashed... It's pathetic that many refuse to even acknowledge it when you try and explain it to them. I guess it's too much for their gigantic ego to handle.

Please make more.

akoRn responds:

thanks man.. maybe i will make more, maybe i won't. Seeing the result so far, I'm not very sure.. meh, i'll think bout it later.

Thx for the kind words, sir


But if what you say is true, then you just altered my perception of entertainment. By doing so, through the use of multimedia, you have just 'brainwashed' me. By informing us of this plot, you just indoctrinated us all even FURTHER!


akoRn responds:

wooooooow.. haha. nice observation. :)

Not very entertaining.

The artwork was creative and moving. The voice acting was very interesting too. And I believe the extent of the like/dislike reviews is centered around the message, that multimedia entertainment is a mechanism for brainwashing. Here's my review on the message, and why i voted as I did, based on two hypotheticals.

First, if the message is sincere, the logic breaks down when you attempt to connect the act of "Thinking" about anything to perceptions of things, or in this case consciously changing and manipulating those perceptions via multimedia. This is the disconnect from the premise that multimedia brainwashes, to the alluded points of dangerous or sinful acts, such as murder. That there is no causal link between video game violence and actual violence is proof enough to disprove the premise, even if the logic is accepted.

But because of the voice acting and word choice, I find it more believable that this is either a idle animation work, or a satirical one.

The problem I have with this angle is the misrepresentation of the issue. For those who sincerely believe that video game sex or violence is causally related to deviance in those areas, and especially so for youths, hearing the choir sing words they already are brainwashed with doesn't help bring light; in fact the only people who could enjoy this film without being scared shitless are people who already know that video game violence is conservative bullocks. A good spoof or satire shows what is ridiculous about a position clearly, which this does not do at all.

The bulk of my score, 6/10, is earned from the artistic merit, but not for the message, comedic or not. The sincere message is indefensible and the comedic message is in bad taste.

akoRn responds:



Maybe they might realise it now..hehhehe.... Atleast you can say you warned them.. Maybe showing an better example like: The Germen kid's who shot people at their school because they played to much CounterStrikeSource....ehee Great video I love it.;D. Keep up the good work =)

akoRn responds:

thanks man. i agree, i should giv more example. thanks! :)