Reviews for "Entertainment"

That was creepy!

I agree with ya.....

akoRn responds:

creeeeeeepy.. thx. :)

Narrator Amazing

Its amazing how well you emulated all the jokers oral tendencies emphasis in just the right places quiet undertone laughing even the accent of certain words.

akoRn responds:

thanks mate

Let's just say...

Wow. Okay, I somewhat get your point in all of this, too much gaming is a bad idea, and I completely agree with that - But you know what else? This video, and the way it is presented, is NOTHING but you telling me "fuck you, dumbass, quit fucking playing games." I can respect the message you're trying to give, but if you're going to try and spread it like THIS, then I have nothing to say but fuck you, sir.

Calling us "game freaks" is REALLY gonna help you to spread a message you feel is important, isn't it? It's insulting, and more importantly, it sounds ridiculously rude. If you're trying to tell somebody to change their ways, the WORST thing you could possibly do is insult them for it, we aren't gonna listen to you if you play it off like that, we're just gonna shove it right back in your face, with an extra "screw you" on top. On top of that, your voice actor sounds like a complete and total asshole. The entire air about him, his voice, and the things he said were COMPLETELY derogatory, rude, and downright insulting.

And for your information, do you have any idea how positive gaming can be? As long as you aren't sitting in a dark room all day staring at a screen and playing World of Warcraft, or whatever the hell else you want to do, gaming can be a GOOD thing. For example, it can improve a persons reaction time. And look at something like the army, where video games are used to teach the basics of combat to aspiring members. It's NOT a negative thing, and if you truly think so, then you need to get your head out of your ass and look at the possibilities.

Next time, if you try to spread a message like this, try doing it in a way that DOESN'T make people hate you, and DOESN'T make you look like a douchebag.

akoRn responds:

1. i didnt conclude that u should stop playin games.
2. game freaks is use by the character of the pyscho narrator, he's into his crazy-twisted character.
3. asshole voice actor? again, he's into the role
4. i did a report bout the good side of gamin before, so i know that too.
5. im havin fun makin this, so why so serious? juz enjoy the flash.

note taken, u serious creature. :D

thank you , sir.

Some basic for making money, create a sub culture like l4d !

akoRn responds:

hahaa. :D thx

Rolan Barthes, Brech...

Dude, if you want things change, first don't get mad at every bad vote, and second... read good some stuff. Rolanda Barthes is a master that take your point and make u puke
Ohh and thanks for read... means u're an open minded

akoRn responds:

yay, im open minded. weeeeeeeeeee. hahaha. watchin im laughing make u happy yet? :D
does this smiley make u make yet? :D =D =]

u happy yet? no? yes? hahaha.. nvm, im bored with u serious ppl. =3