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Is it sad

If I actually think of people as zombi's and I've played too much L4D and L4D2...I also think that everybody who can jump while running is a hunter...fuck.

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thx for the TEN

l4d2 !!!!!!!!!!

boomer puke!!!!!!!!!

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prety sick

I love the choice of music

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ya, i love that song too, Horror in the Playhouse!! :D credit to the music artist!

kinda funny...

You make some good points and the ending leaves a good impact however you assume too much. To assume that brainwashing is to make me think about it or to re direct my thinking then the same could be said about learning, even if it's done on your own and not from a public or private school or facility. This is because any new information retained of any kind will shape you whether it's accepted, used to help describe or better understand something we already have, or detested as incorrect or bad knowledge. To say multimedia doesn't try to make their own products addicting would be stupid because of course they would, they want it to sell. However that isn't the same as brainwashing. I can name off several things in multimedia that despite the mass population loving it I still resent it and vice versa. It's just the perception of the world around you. To say that multimedia is brainwashing us (while using multimedia as the means of communication =p) is like saying learning the laws of physics or Avogadro's number has brainwashed us into believing everything.

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thanks for the comment. u hav to understand that the narrator of this animation is a pyscho, I'm givin examples and situation, but also givin characteristic of the pyschotic narrator too..

its hard, depends on how ppl look at it. :D thanks


so...uhm...we kill the batman then?

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hahaha.. no comment.