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Reviews for "Draze - Phantoms Virus"


i reallyed like the voices for some reason i will allways enjoy ur music its just some reason my style of lisining to i need freaken mp3 player! so i can put ur music and evrybudy elses music on there nahh ipod heh when i get one im gona put ojnly song on there from newgrounds.. yeyyyyy!!!!!!!!! i wana become like uuu! . meh i have years to come o making music but i just cant creating enything good thats why i quited. i fine the voices are going perfecly well with the song good work keep it up. WOAHHHHHHHHH u did all thease songs in 5 hourss??? show ur true self buy remaking ashes hot track v3!!!! i wana here the hole song! i love lisining to that song alot pls remake it!!! oh btw this song rocks too i like it for when the meloladys come in and change keep it up

One of thetop five best on the audio portel

2nd best no1 is chaos theory what happend to it

best song ever.

you are just kicking ass right now man. this is ur greatest peice of work yet. you are my favorite author on the audio portal. your not rly a author in the audio portal, but more like a god. i really support all your songs and look down upon 0 bombers. unfortunately i couldnt make much of a difference against the 0 bombers :(

Thanks for your vote, SizZlE666! You voted 5 for Draze - Phantoms Virus, raising its score from 4.19 to 4.19.

the system has become unstable.

GO ham5girl3

Lol jk. but i have heard multiples of your song, which remind me of a certain somone, Mr. Bauman
perhaps? but still I really like this song and it is not gai like G-rave for downloading it 1500 times. because it just isn't nice, But i like the Fact that the Beetoven( lol beat in a oven) was in the song.


i love this song, it has a very good beat and my sister dances to it all the time! lol