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Reviews for "Draze - Phantoms Virus"

Oh Nos's

My compy has Been Virused it vote Supreame scores

lol jk you desereve every thing i voted lol seriosly expecially i played that song on the Piano And You added Techno" Dude I worship your awsome skills Amen:) Lol the person just was gay and drunk when he wrote that review

Draze responds:

Thanks, you're a great dude.

Great Job Dude

Good Job the track is great ! Even if you stop for about 6 weeks the inspiration come back naturally BUT Stop blamming yourself, your a excellent music creator after all keep up the good work mate! ;)

This is SO AWESOME!!!!!

ham5girl (or g-rave whatever) you are an asshole! Stop 0 voting him just because he is 1000x better than you!

g-rave i'm going to 0 all your stuff, and get all my friends to 0 all your stuff. you deserve nothing less

Draze responds:


GO ham5girl3

Lol jk. but i have heard multiples of your song, which remind me of a certain somone, Mr. Bauman
perhaps? but still I really like this song and it is not gai like G-rave for downloading it 1500 times. because it just isn't nice, But i like the Fact that the Beetoven( lol beat in a oven) was in the song.

very cool

I really like the vocal drum Then you combine that with the rider bass and you have a sweet mix. I thought that was all until the end then you added the classical elelment pure genius.
The beginning defintely stated how the song was going to go from there.
Towards the middle it was very smooth no static no annoying noise.
Then at the end you gave that classical spin and that pummped it smooth right to the end defintely beutiful and hot. Now I have to go and check your other works. Great job overall definitely deserving of a 5/5 10/10!