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Reviews for "Draze - Phantoms Virus"

This System Became Unstable, Indeed!

1 word to some this up: WOW!
2 extra: HOLY SHIT!

This song is downright beautiful. Everything flows extremely well and is structured nicely. I am very anti-techno now (wasnot 3-4 years ago), but hearing this reminds me how nice and warm nostalgia feels. My only complaint: it sould be longer than 3 minutes cause the epic melody here can go on for another 3 without getting stale at all. Although that's nothing really when it loops over. So thats a definite 10.


Your right a melody can't get any better.

I downloaded this song a long time ago

and I must say, I've listened to it at least over 2,000 times in the time being. The number 1 thing I love about your song, is the sheer bass power coming from your first organ blast in the song. Please, if you make another song, include those heavy bass organs :D I really loved it.

very cool

I really like the vocal drum Then you combine that with the rider bass and you have a sweet mix. I thought that was all until the end then you added the classical elelment pure genius.
The beginning defintely stated how the song was going to go from there.
Towards the middle it was very smooth no static no annoying noise.
Then at the end you gave that classical spin and that pummped it smooth right to the end defintely beutiful and hot. Now I have to go and check your other works. Great job overall definitely deserving of a 5/5 10/10!

Best techno i've heard...EVER

One Question...Who composed the song you made this off of cuz it sounds like an old classical song? i need to know man im goin crazy tryin to find out! HELP!