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Reviews for "Draze - Phantoms Virus"


I love this song. Just a question ever make a tutorial for FL? Or know any good ones :).

Draze responds:

No i havn't wrote any tutorials, i might do though :]

Great Job

Great job on this song. Very nice use of the repeated vocal tracks in the song.


Good audio. So good I can't think of much to say about it <.<"

Thanks for your vote, Furydragons! You voted 5 for Draze - Phantoms Virus, raising its score from 4.37 to 4.38. Woot, I actually made a difference :D

Draze responds:

You rock! But it wouldn't have made a difference without Bad_Man_Incorporated ;) he rocks too!

No let me take that back... everyone rocks.

Very nice.

Nice work man. Couldn't imagine the patience this took to cut and mix the voice. Sounds to me that is what would have been involved anyways.
Great build up, nice melody. I liked the paths you took leading this song all over. Was there a Mozart melody in there?? Sweet stuff man. I really liked it.
My five didn't do much. But 5 nonetheless.

Thanks for your vote, Bad_Man_Incorporated! You voted 5 for Draze - Phantoms Virus, raising its score from 4.37 to 4.37.

Draze responds:

The melody is based on Beethoven >_<

And thanx for the fiver (and the nice review), hehe.

Holy god

That was cool. That was just fun to listen to. you should really love yourself for making this. wow.
*gives a e-5 dollars*

Draze responds:

OOo W00o 5 dollars.