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Reviews for "Draze - Phantoms Virus"

love it!

the secondhalf kinda reminds me of a russian tetris thing lolgreat song though ^_^


Draze is the best fuck the rest.

Draze responds:


this song is very unique and i realy enjoyed it.

now lets get down to the scores.

9 originality- the song is truely amazeing.i loved how you mix up the word very cool man.the the organs come in this reminds me of a classical music piece i just cant remind my self what it is.

9 diversity- yes diversity in this song is very exelent always changeing . but the kick beat its just kick kick kicking its self through the song.

9 clarity- well it was pretty good but in the second have after the organ tawrds the end when the lead synth comes in again it kins of drowns out the bass a BIT.

10 effort- well its aoviusly that you worked you ass off so i give you 2 thumbs up..

10 overall- a buetifally balanced song of expertise from a true dj at hart. im proud that you pushed the limits even farther and let this song be an insparation to all of you that even though there are limits *not the redline bar in the mixing board of fl studio 6*lol.you can push those limits even further. so start expirementing thats how draze got so good so i hope he is an insparation

now to fiffen this and a Mcperfect burger. and to my ipod it goes.

no im not zenon.i just like to break down peoples song and show them were they did something good and bad. get ready for more rviews from me.


p.s. im also a dj just wont be submitting stuff here

Great Job Dude

Good Job the track is great ! Even if you stop for about 6 weeks the inspiration come back naturally BUT Stop blamming yourself, your a excellent music creator after all keep up the good work mate! ;)


OK...you made a remake of some song, and forget to mention it....and now you got people with all caps reviews, downrating your stuff... God damn Draze, how do you put up with it.