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Reviews for "Draze - Phantoms Virus"

Disappointing? Very much so.

Winterwind's Eternal Leviathan
Date added: 04/15/06
Score 4.37/5
Downloads 1,113 <<<<<<

MilkmanDan's Winning the War
One month later
Score 4.44/5
Downloads 1,501 <<<<<<

Draze's Phantoms virus
82 days after WW <<<<<<
Score 4.20/5
Downloads 3,403 <<<<<<


Whatever...if you are being downloaded by overly zealous fans, I am truly sorry that you have been placed in such a misunderstood position.

If you are self-downloading, I have nothing but disgust and contempt of you.

As for the song, I don't like it. I don't think it came close to any song you've ever done. The vocals were one-sided annoyances and totally ruined everything. The remix of the PIU song/remix was done a little under par but bearably ok. It was the whole first minute or so of that song that made this whole thing suck. Neverland was a million times better than this semi-original sub-par remix.

You've said it's "based" on beethoven's "style". What the hell does that mean? It's the theme from an ACTUAL SONG by him, BEETHOVEN'S PIANO SONATA 8 OP.13 MVT3 "PATHETIQUE", dude. You couldn't actually emulate beethoven's style of genius in a techno remix of a remix like this.

What kind of quality-deprived mass of people would download this three times as much as some of the other ORIGINAL masterpieces in the portal, I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA. Life's unfair, after all.

Draze responds:

Yes you're right, about 1500 of the downloads are fake. But it wasn't me.

It was done by a 0 voter in hopes of getting people to think i self download. And *you're* doing just what he wanted people to do, giving low votes :/

As for you not liking this, its a matter of individual taste. I have many styles which can sometimes clash.

I don't think this deserves a 2 even if you don't personally like it much.

u suck

yust, go fuck yourself, you fucking piece of shit. I agree with every single word ham5girl3 reviewed. Stop drowning newgrounds with shit!!

Draze responds:

And you're likely the same person since the account you're reviewing with is fake.

This is SO AWESOME!!!!!

ham5girl (or g-rave whatever) you are an asshole! Stop 0 voting him just because he is 1000x better than you!

g-rave i'm going to 0 all your stuff, and get all my friends to 0 all your stuff. you deserve nothing less

Draze responds:



10s all the way! NOT. i know where you got the second half of the name of this song, just like the second half of the song itself from! Beethoven en Virus! hey..this song sounds familiar..at least he mentioned it was a REMIX, and gave credit^^ http://www.losd.de/Neue_Dateien/Pump%20It%20Up%20-%20Beetho

Draze responds:

Lol, read my forum responce, or read some previous reviews.

I've hardly had 10s all the way, you just added to the 0 count.

in all honesty...

i have no clue how your music is so frequently downloaded or highly rated. i guess the voices in here and the second half that didnt mention this melody was stolen from beethoven made me give you this bad review. you at the least could have given credit to him. sure he might be dead and deaf, but he still deserves respect from you. stop with the voices in the songs and ill hop on the bandwagon!