Reviews for "Super Zombie World Part 1"


good spin off for mario. well animated, awesome story, good voice acting. great job

PS. this would make a great game

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Thank you :)

loved it!

You have successfully managed to merge my 2 fav things ever... zombies and mario!!!! i absolutely love it

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Yes, am I right? Thanks :)


Can't wait for the next one!

Some things you could better would be:
- Grey pixels around the sprites.
- Louder voices.
- More awe-making deaths after they get to know each other.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

ALRIGHT I GET IT. I'll remove the gray pixels >.<

Thanks :)

Really good one

And i can't wait for the nest part.. but i have to agree with teejay-number13.. That sign.. their is just something about him.. that i don't like (but he does have a cool voice :)

At the end and you get too see the *mumble mumble mumble* you really just wish that part 2 was already out :D

MurderMysteryMan responds:

His voice is Finnish :P

lol, thanks :)

Daisy died? What a surprise.

You know, I don't trust that talking sign.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

lol, beware of strangers.... made of wood :)