Reviews for "Super Zombie World Part 1"

Can I just tell ya somthin???

- Isn't Bill Board off the Super Mario Galaxy games on Wii?
- How did you make the zombie sprites??? They look very zombish.
- It's probably not funny that Yoshi can throw eggs since it can use that as an attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Good movie overall, just needs to be a BIT better with the voice acting.

MurderMysteryMan responds:

-Change the hues, add scars, change eyes, and other minor changes.
-Yeah... that's why he does it....


Excellent, poor toadette never saw it coming ~-~
Awsome storyline and nice ending builds up da suspense.

P.S. Yoshi keept throwing eggs at da zombie funny as hell XD

MurderMysteryMan responds:

lol, Toadette never had a chance :P

Glad you think Yoshi is funny :)


when is the next one???????

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Couple months maybe


Luigi sounds like count dracula lol but this was great. I love the sign talking and displaying messages lol

MurderMysteryMan responds:

lol thank you :)

Yes very good

I always love creative mario storys like this, and if it relates to paper mario as well?!
Thats even 10 times better!

MurderMysteryMan responds:

It has many games in it, but yes Paper Mario included. :)