Reviews for "PC.DEfense"


I really adored the whole, computer theme, i think it worked well. I also particularly liked the call-in abilities, that kinda not been done before for defense games.

animation excellent
sound excellent

All good my friend

good job

only if evryone was like you as good as you did

This is a great game

But there definately are some things to improve

First if all, change the source of the viruses, people will wonder "why not to unplug the memorystick"...an internet cable should do, since it is less likely for people to unplug THAT :3
Second, the towers are good, althrough you should definately modify some of them, and also i noticed that mass-building is proven to be more profitable, maybe it's just me, but you should check the game so that the cash is balanced
Third, add Panda antivirus, THAT IS THE BEST ANTIVIRUS EVER, and i am not lying :P

That is all, oh, and please make a sequel with more towers that can use special abilities too, :)

great game

all those antivirus programs working together...rare sight

You should make a part two