Reviews for "PC.DEfense"

good job

only if evryone was like you as good as you did

Very good

Nice game but it could do with an infinite mode. Rest of it was nice however I did find myself eventually building just the 8 way shooters at the end since the single shooters became near on useless except weaking ever 2nd enemy where as the 8 way shooters could blow apart entire groups.

I do notice you've drawn inspiration from the game wasteland defender in the idea of global buffs and the way you laid out your panel (a setting for x3 or x1 speed) along with the pause button. I also see you took inspiration from Bloon tower defence because I found myself doing the exact same thing here with your 'nodes' as I do with tac-towers: forming solid blocks of them that can mince entire waves on their own right.

Good game in all, just add an infinite mode and I would call it a 10


im not really a fan of TD games but this is one of the best ive playied (first is balloon TD 4) good work :3

There should have been a longer tutorial.

The game was fun, but the tutorial should have at least let you buy units and let you watch the unit's effects on the viruses instead of plonking you straight into the action.The first level sort of counted since it was easy, though.


I really adored the whole, computer theme, i think it worked well. I also particularly liked the call-in abilities, that kinda not been done before for defense games.

animation excellent
sound excellent

All good my friend