Reviews for "PC.DEfense"


It obviously doesn't make much sense, but it's still really good. The tower defense genre has been exploited completely by now, this game being the best harvest. This is because it's pretty much flawless. Art is good, gameplay is good and fast, and weapons are cool. The only thing I don't really like are those 3 equal cost powers. God damn if they didn't help though.


Lots of fun, and plenty addictive... i forgot what each tower does shortly after starting the game... :P but cool idea!

Doesn't push the standard.

A good game, but only because it takes no risks at all. Gameplay wise this is no different from any basic tower defense game. The special powers are a nice addition, but not enough to distinguish it from any of the others on this site.

If you want to make the game something more, try blending enemy types in waves, let players take on multiple waves at once for a cash multiplier, let the map change after so many waves, etc. Heck if you're going to go with the virus theme allow players to make certain towers stronger against particular viruses, or have each tower be strong/weak against certain viruses right from the start.

Awesome TD

Of course, the premise leads to some questions:

1. Why not just unplug the usb drive?

2. Who has 6 antivirus programs on their computer

3. After you finish the game, you could be left with a 8-bit processor. Yay...

good game

really good td game. hope to see more of them from you.