Reviews for "PC.DEfense"

Not bad, but do I *have* to watch?

I was sitting there, owning it up, when I tabbed over to YT to browse music. I tab back, and you know what? ALL OF MY TOWERS WERE IDLE AND THE ENEMIES JUST WALKED BY WHEN I WAS TABBED OUT. Ugh. In other words, you have to sit there and stare as the waves come or else you might risk your towers going gay on you.

There's no music from what I can tell, just sound? Got a new headset, like just today, so I can't tell. Thanks for having a mute at least. :3

The graphics are really nice, but that just doesn't stray from the fact that some towers are useless while others are priority if you want to win. Nortons, NOD32's, and AVG's are the best. Nortons have a huge range and just pelt away at everything, NOD32's (if you place a bunch in an area) will just scatter-shot like a nail bomb constantly (best for the damage resistant types), and the AVG just rapes, period. The Kaspersky IS useful... but it costs far too much. Placing another AVG and upgrading it is better than having a Kaspersky.

MCAFEE and ANTIVIR towers just don't cut it. I only used them for the achievement upgrade thing.

Anyway, nice game, but it certainly needs tweaking.


Great idea, funny concept, but sadly, entirely beatable by only using Norton lol. Needs some work to encourage less use of Norton, and more of other turrets. What I mean is, try playing around with the prices and playing through an entire mode. What you want to have happen is when you use all one turret, you fail, but when you use a hybrid, success happens. That's the goal of price-check. :)

Needs Work

While the core gameplay is solid, falling back on the established tower defense formula, many of the features that allow the TD games of the past to stand out and stay addictive are missing. Things like flying enemies or elements, or long distance towers, various gimmicks could be added to give this game more life. Something to think about for a possible sequel.

Also, the speed up feature needs work. The game is harder when sped up, and not just because of the speed difference. With the exact same set up the enemies get farther when the speed up function is activated as apposed to standard speed. It isn't much of a difference, but it is enough to require looking into.

Take these things into account and you might have a great game next time around, instead of a decent one.

great game

all those antivirus programs working together...rare sight

This is a great game

But there definately are some things to improve

First if all, change the source of the viruses, people will wonder "why not to unplug the memorystick"...an internet cable should do, since it is less likely for people to unplug THAT :3
Second, the towers are good, althrough you should definately modify some of them, and also i noticed that mass-building is proven to be more profitable, maybe it's just me, but you should check the game so that the cash is balanced
Third, add Panda antivirus, THAT IS THE BEST ANTIVIRUS EVER, and i am not lying :P

That is all, oh, and please make a sequel with more towers that can use special abilities too, :)