Reviews for "My First Quantum Trans."

What the hell?

C+G Makes you play as a savepoint? Seriously?
Well, funny anyways =D
Good game. Responsive controls. Can't really nag about anything here.


outstanding. i like the music, the style and the concept. it's very well done, but omg is this game hard... finally something for the hardcore fans^^" nice one 5/5 10/10


Great game! I found the perpetual pinwheel easter egg, wath do I win?

Great game

Maybe the teletransportation it's an "overused" idea but I don't care this game is excellent ^__^
I found the easter egg don't ask how I just pressed random keys on my keyboard and poof there you go, easter egg found
Nice game, great replay value.


Grapics: 9.5/10
game play:10/10
Avreage:i dunno lets say 10

BTW what are the secret endings and how do you do them? :S
thanks. great game