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Reviews for "My First Quantum Translocator"

secret medal

you will turn into a n****r, when you type "n****r" on the title screen, use him to beat the game,the secret medal is yrs :)

I just... why?

So yeah, yeah, it's a great game and all: interesting mechanic, challenging yet solvable puzzles, now it's time for a rant.

Are all the people at Cellar Door Games some kind of freakish giants, with 10-inch long fingers? Or maybe you're all concert pianists and classical guitarists with tremendous finger strength.

Either way, us mortals here on Earth tend to avoid using our pinkie to play games, because it's our weakest finger. Maybe you intended for me to put my ring finger on W and my thumb on the spacebar, but y'know what, Cellar Door Games? You don't have to reinvent the wheel. A S and D, Z X and space, these are classics for a reason. They're comfortable, easy, and they don't require me to unlearn years of muscle memory to use.

And anyways, putting my thumb on the spacebar is uncomfortable because then the keys are too close together. My fingers naturally rest at 2, 3 and R.


love the game and the endings btw what is the secret medal?

I kept wondering what was new...

until I realized I already finished this game...like 3 or 4 times when it was first sponsored or on the frontpage. I never reviewed it though. I loved the game the first time around, it was fun, challenging, somewhat original. But I was driven to finish the game a few more times for the medals and the endings. It was kinda worth it. That's why it gets a 9 instead of a 10.


This is just about the best Flash game ever. Wow.