Reviews for "My First Quantum Trans."

great.. but easter egg medal...

well it was a great game, and my no life behind went and did all the characters and then some. My problem is, though i havn't been able to find the fat chicken character, i did find the easter egg character. I'm just wondering if the easter egg character is the medal, or if i have to find the chicken character (i have NO clue how to do that right now, tried just bout ever key on my board through a systematic search... unless you made it 3 or more characters long.. hmm) anyways, if the medal is related to the easter egg character i think the medal needs to be fixed.


Awesome game! Really feels like portal!
Can't wait for a sequel.

Input lag RUINED it

This idea is good, but the Flixel input system ruined the experience entirely for me. Maybe if you would make your own engine instead of being lazy and using the terrible Flixel one there wouldn't be as much input lag.

Worth Replaying!

Add a timed mode! I got pretty fast as I got all the characters.

The key layout was pretty hard to use, but still fun!


This game was pretty challanging the first time I played it, but then it got easier. This game is pretty well though of, I mean, just pay attention to the level design!