Reviews for "My First Quantum Translocator"

Worth Replaying!

Add a timed mode! I got pretty fast as I got all the characters.

The key layout was pretty hard to use, but still fun!


This game was pretty challanging the first time I played it, but then it got easier. This game is pretty well though of, I mean, just pay attention to the level design!

LOL awesome medals

so awesome i dont even care to do the game over and over to get them all ;D

I freaking love this game.

The story reminds me of other games like Shift or Depict1, but that's no problem, it's a story that works when done right. And this was done right. The major problem I had with this was the control layout. They were pretty awkward, and I often ended up pressing the wrong buttons. Also, having the medals basically be 'Complete the exact same game again but with a different sprite' got boring. The first time I played, I thought that some levels were impossible, now I feel like an expert. I'm not taking points off for that though, it's just the controls that lost me.


I would rate it more if i didnt spend double the time playing due a very unresponsive jump button.