Reviews for "My First Quantum Translocator"

Clunky controls, man.

It's a great game, and I'm still in the process of beating it, but oi. Work on those controls, dude--I've died a huge amount of times in really frustrating ways while platforming.


who else saw this on SirEldricIV's YouTube channel?
BTW awesome game, can only get better with more characters

Way cool game

Original idea, hard puzzles, helpful features, and some good comedy. Thumbz up.

Not sure why this one's on the front page again...

But I'm glad it is. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it last time it popped up.
Music = 10
Graphis = 10 (I'm a sucker for retro and this was awesome)
Game Mechanics = 10
Intrigue = 10

Gameplay is fluid, puzzles are challenging but not impossible. The skill/timing aspect is important but not paramount...i.e, you don't have to be a platform master to get through it. ...just good enough to act out the general idea of solving the puzzles.

I'd like to see new challenges at some point but I can't honestly think of any that wouldn't be rote repetition. You pretty much hit most of the physics angles pretty well

Great work :D

Very good, but very frustrating.

This is an excellent game with an excellent premise, but...god there were parts that I hated. Here, let me explain...

You have...a great idea, making teleportation shadows. You put it in a testing lab, which is classic, and you have whoever's in charge basically messing with you. Equally, you have another person who got out before trying to help you. That's good. I like it. The problem here is that you also included some aggravating elements.

It's not the puzzles themselves. Good puzzles, glad you made some complex ones...but the part where you've come up short is in a bit of game mechanics. During some of the more complex puzzles, my problem wasn't just trying to get the timing right or to place my shadow in the right place. It was that I was bonking my head on the ceiling and falling to my death. It happened 20 times in a row and a number of other times.

The mechanics are very unforgiving at times is what I'm saying. A bit of leeway in some manner would cover a multitude of sins, like how a tiny bit of me appearing in something solid - not the whole body or half or anything - will bring instant death. I give you eight, because it's still great. You just have that ONE glaring problem...