Reviews for "My First Quantum Trans."

this gets my 10 stars

long and awesome one of the best games evar!

Characters help foe...

well the game was great but...
notice that to gain then,the medals are STAMPED(yes stamped...)
the easter egg i won't tell(hahahaha)

OK,Easter egg:C+G
Castle Crushers red knight:N+G
i'll be waiting more needs of you people...
this was really helpful,don't you think???

Awesome Game

Awesome game, it would go under the Slightly Deranged Computer Guiding You Through A Post-Apocalyptic Test Chamber category (SDCGYTAPATC) (like KOLM and Skinny, kind of). But the secret medal should be worth a lot more. Seriously. (P.S. I DID Google it! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!)

A well made game

I enjoyed it, but it felt too portalesque.

For the people confused by the Chicken... Then tell you what you have to press in the end screen to get him.

Good, but non-responsive controls

It was good, reminded me alot about portal but it's an interesting take on the portal controls. The jumping while running thing isn't too great though unfortunately. I find myself constantly running off cliffs when i try to jump while running, that should be more responsive in levels where speed and timing are key.