Reviews for "My First Quantum Translocator"

Reminded me a lot of Portal, in a good way. . .I'm having to use safe mode with networking, so I can't say if the music or sound effects were any good, but I'll hazard a guess and say they were. Love the behemoth chicken and red castle crasher knight characters, love the idea, love being able to skip levels when I get really frustrated...Just generally a good game. And a reminder of the codes, gotten from muiscinmotion:
Behemoth Chicken = Shift+?
Girl = G+L
Jar = C+T
Pinwheel = C+G
Castle Crashers Red Knight = N+G


No medal for the pinwheel?

Very nice

Who said that you can't learn anything from stuff like this! I learned about FORCE!

this gets my 10 stars

long and awesome one of the best games evar!

Characters help foe...

well the game was great but...
notice that to gain then,the medals are STAMPED(yes stamped...)
the easter egg i won't tell(hahahaha)

OK,Easter egg:C+G
Castle Crushers red knight:N+G
i'll be waiting more needs of you people...
this was really helpful,don't you think???