Reviews for "My First Quantum Trans."

"That's a perpetual pinwheel by the way." XD

Great game with interesting mechanics and, though I must admit, a bit of an overdone idea for the story. Still, it was an overdone idea that was well done.

This game is truly magnificent, it takes the ideals of Portal(tm) and makes it less malleable, I love it!
But, and this is a HUGE but, I can only give it 4 stars because the controls, frankly, suck.
I don't find it at all natural to have my hands over the commonly used wasd controls, but yet use the arrow keys to move and jump, but use w or q and d or f to use your teleportation, I press the wrong keys way more often than I should be. I think that should be changed or something.
But overall, pretty awesome.

Reminded me a lot of Portal, in a good way. . .I'm having to use safe mode with networking, so I can't say if the music or sound effects were any good, but I'll hazard a guess and say they were. Love the behemoth chicken and red castle crasher knight characters, love the idea, love being able to skip levels when I get really frustrated...Just generally a good game. And a reminder of the codes, gotten from muiscinmotion:
Behemoth Chicken = Shift+?
Girl = G+L
Jar = C+T
Pinwheel = C+G
Castle Crashers Red Knight = N+G


No medal for the pinwheel?

Very nice

Who said that you can't learn anything from stuff like this! I learned about FORCE!