Reviews for "My First Quantum Translocator"

Excellent game, great and original concenpt. The controls are responsive and the levels are well thought out. The music is outstanding as well. 5/5

A good game, my brain can't handle it though...

You...are a wunnerful person...an' this...is an amazin' game.

I like it its just a bit too hard for me , and i am no saint i used the skip button a little too much

I really loved this game, and I'll explain why:

First, the mechanics are completely original. It's not just another game based on Portal. Okay, the ambiance reminds Portal, but the gameplay is very different. Also, all the different ways how you can use the teleport are really fun. The control buttons could be a bit closer, but are okay. One of the things that got my attention was the use of physics. Pretty clever.

Second, the music and graphics are just nice. Simple, but nice. And, finally, the endings. I won't spoil, but they are very surprising.

The puzzles are intelligent but not so difficult, and the game doesn't get frustrating because you can skip levels (=D). Did I say that I loved this game? I hope one day they make a sequel. It would be awesome.