Reviews for "My First Quantum Trans."

Cool game, I got all medals <3

I love the chicken, the castle crasher should have a sword. Other then that the medals are kinda lame, because their just to make people repeat what they did, 5 times. Still great game.


This actually is a really great game, I kept playing this off and on until today, it really kinda takes on the concept of Portal, but in a different and almost more challenging way, I'm giving this 9 out of ten, because while it is a great game, the difficulty can make it harder for some people who play, but it's definitely a favorite

i got the pinwheel!

whitout cheating. the game was hard cuz' i didn't know the tele=jump command but after that it was easy.
good calming yourself frok the stress you get from playing hard games

perfect work

i really like it. And the music is pretty good too.

A great game/idea

I already unlock 5/6 medals, except the last one.

When i put the code for the chicken, it doesn't work!!!!! it just lows the sound. (here is the code , shift + ?)
Does anyone can tell me how to get the chicken code?? ( i don't know if its my keyboard, because i use a mac or its just the wrong code)