Reviews for "Tails' Nightmare 2"


AWESOME SAUCE!!! XD this goes into my faves btw i love the new improvements! nice work! :D

Ten times creepier than the last one

Also ten times better. Good job!

Challinging but fun and a little sceary

this game is awsome i played the boss level invisable and i won but the boss realy sceared me hes called tails doll isent he? also can u plz make a no 3 of the game plz and i noticed on the credits u wrote boss mithles for 2006 dude it's tails doll ok lol mastake enyway that dusent matter i juist thought i should let u know as it has not be crected enyway the good thing is it's awsome loads of people love this game and i have had no glitching yay lol

Badass as hell...

But I can't beat the boss! I found out-too late- that you had to smash him against the spikes! WTF Is THIS!? Epicness. That's what. And... *grabs sonic doll* U CANT GET ME TAILS DOLL :P

oh my god it's the tails doll!!

this is awesome!! make a tails nightmare three or the tails doll may come after you!! muhahahahahahahahaa!!