Reviews for "Tails' Nightmare 2"



I Like It ^-^

So He Was Happily In Green Hill Zone And Then He Ran Into The Tails Doll? GREAT
This Was Very Challenging and Great Fun ^-^

ending made me pee a little

this was a good game

secret level

after you beat tails doll go on the floor and start crouching like crazy the boss room password is "doom"


Wow, I was so freaked out, I found this corridor in one part of the game, so I went inside to see if there was maybe a power up or something in there, but there was a dead end. I tried to go back, only to find another dead end. I went back and forth for a while, when suddenly, I ran straight into the Tails Doll, he just came out of nowhere! Anyways, fun game, and great surprise corridor you put in there.