Reviews for "Tails' Nightmare 2"


its really good cant complain cant wait for a tails night mare 3 if you plan to make one


puppet: you get to use tails doll
super: super speed, super jump, unlimited lives
suddendeath: nightmare diffuculty
propellor: fly forever
rampage: invincible forever
painless: lose no rings
lunar: moon bounce
blind: complete darkness
room1, mazeroom2, springroom3, spikeroom4, pitfallroom5, boulderroom6, forkroom7,looproom8,drainbossroom

oh yeah I put this in the order it should be everything on this is right so if a cheat didnt work you didnt type it in right because you have to type it in as exactly as the cheats say and this took a lot of work finding these cheats in the game so please be thankful.


try making a sonic nightmare cuz then amy can be the boss level.

Totally Awesome Dude

This game is awesome beyond those old video game. I hope you can make a another tails nightmare or you can make a cream nightmare. Any one of them will be so cool.

Badass as hell...

But I can't beat the boss! I found out-too late- that you had to smash him against the spikes! WTF Is THIS!? Epicness. That's what. And... *grabs sonic doll* U CANT GET ME TAILS DOLL :P