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Reviews for "Scarlet Horizon"

Pretty fun game. A few glitches could be fixed.

Ok when I first saw this I thought, "Oh no, not another bomber game...". But I decided to try it, and overall it is pretty fun. After the first 3 missions I was able to buy the best 2 planes, not sure if that was a glitch because somehow I had 400,000 credits when I got about 10,000 per level. Also, on the levels with the Aztec temples, using the plane with the nuclear bomb, if I moved slowly to the side while dropping a bomb near the temples in the background, the bomb would just instantly explode after I dropped it. Not sure if that was intentional, but it didn't seem right. Otherwise, pretty fun game.

gxgs responds:

Thanks for your information!
It seems I have uploaded the testing version by mistake. I have uploaded the normal version, please try it again.
Normally, it ain't easy to reach 400.000 credit :)