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Reviews for "Scarlet Horizon"


It didn't blow my mind but it was fun.


got no problems with it think its great :D

yeah it was fun

A couple of the missions are a little tough if you don't have the right pilot/plane. I enjoyed it all except for two things: I didn't want to have to register with another site to get a medal (although I did), and for some reason I can't see any user made levels, so I can't get the last achievement. Nice job.


i agree with zindelo, i do not want to register on some1 else site - i play on newgrounds because i like it here
the physics are not quite good and handy, the sound is ok

It's alright, could be better.

Well, the game itself can be fun, buy you have to have a little patience to play it. The physics are a little off, but not the point where the game is un-playable, just to the point where frustrating things sometimes happen... The different kinds of bombs were interesting, even if Gen. Arden and Agent 003's bombs seemed to be....Just normal bombs. Which is a little annoying, considering how much more they cost than the two pilots with the different kind of bombs. I have to say though, giving Harvesdale the Nuclear Bomb was a good thing though. Now that was a fun bomb, if rather simple, and certainly worth all the farming to get it.

Also, the registering out for part of the game's content is kind of meh, but I don't think it's that big a deal as some people might make it out to be.

Overall, it's a pretty good start for a game, and if you made some improvements, the next one could maybe contend with other physics destructions game like Crush the Castle.