Reviews for "8-bit Showdown"

i really enjoyed this.it sounds like something you hear in a old school side scrooling beat em up

Yes, very awesome very very! =D

This was awesome!

I'm not sure what kind of 8-Bit showdown you were picturing, but if you ask me, it sounds like Mega Man vs. Ganbare Goemon (Mysical Ninja in the US)

I see this being used for a level of a final fight game perhaps for a particular character.
The singular type of beat without massive chord changes makes me think of it being a theme song.
Perhaps used like streetfighter as a theme for the match between this main character and another.

The character I see being like Chun-Li or perhaps a female samuraii. The reason is the asian style makes me think of course of an Asian looking one. Also, the high tones and fast back beat do not immediately make me think of a man which is why a woman is the first thing to come to mind.

If you continue this theme, please post a remixed version of this song to fit multiple people or perhaps alternate songs for the different personalities of the fighters?

Good job doing (mind my language here but) shit with Phyrnna Dude That’s So God Damn Awseome That You Got To Meet A Piano Legend and I have this song on my iPod Touch 1 Congratulations dude well done