Reviews for "8-bit Showdown"

At first i was like..."hum, kinda généric."
and then...it slowly started to blow my mind up.
wow! awezzzomeness at its finest!!

Awesome XD

Aren't that some sweet tune!
you two should make another.


Even when I try to find things wrong with this song, I can't find that much. You and HalcyonicFalconX have two distinct styles, and it shows. I can tell where she helped you with it, but it still blends very nicely. The only thing I can really find about this song that's a bit off is at around 12 seconds in it seems like too much is going on, and some of it is covered up. Other than that one thing, great job!

I see this being used for a level of a final fight game perhaps for a particular character.
The singular type of beat without massive chord changes makes me think of it being a theme song.
Perhaps used like streetfighter as a theme for the match between this main character and another.

The character I see being like Chun-Li or perhaps a female samuraii. The reason is the asian style makes me think of course of an Asian looking one. Also, the high tones and fast back beat do not immediately make me think of a man which is why a woman is the first thing to come to mind.

If you continue this theme, please post a remixed version of this song to fit multiple people or perhaps alternate songs for the different personalities of the fighters?