Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 16"

The best xD

This is ur best werk I think... amazing and unique animation technique, and the plot... A-W-E-S-O-M-E...
Congrats ;)

OMG Awsome

men awsome and cool episode. i am all ready wating the third part of the legend of melda, that has to be reeeawsome nice job men and keep working

mamas weey!

tu la verdad que no dejas de sorprender! muy buneo el episodio... no me rei tanto como con tus anteriores trabajos pero me entretuvo bastante man.


I have no idea how you can make me laugh so hard but keep it up please.

A good parody with some glitches

The charaters are funny, but the only option is to hear spanish all the time? Not that fun. also this kind of humor is not for everyone. I laughed my ass off, but I know some people who would hate this. But the storyline is really funny and it's a pretty good at the parody part too.