Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 16"

Hell you did it again Darkar

I almost pissed my pant laughing; it was a lucky thing I tried to watch it here first than at your page (because of the saturation issue); I really enjoyed it visually; its great how you've developed your very own style, keep up the amazing work; you are putting such a good name on new grounds for the Spanish-spoken animations; guess the subtitles leave a lot of the fun out but its a cruel reality for every subdued work (English-only-speakers: learn Spanish just for this you'll laugh as trice as much).

Completely unrelated but it seemed appropriate to me:
¡¡¡Viva México!!! ¡¡¡Y felices fiestas patrias del Bicentenario!!!


Que video mas divertido!!
Yo te conocí a traves de FlashFacilitos!!^^

Great as always

I love all of your stuff, and like all of your episodes this is top notch. Episode 13 is still my favorite though.

I also just noticed that for your logo of Verte a la Versh, you have an arrow for the top, but then for the la Versh it kind of looks like a penis.

vas de huevos chigale hachi que va a llegar liejos

como dice el bato de aca abajo puss la netaaa la netá te la rifaaaas y pus a ver si acabas la historia completa psss por que la neta que tie esta quedando bieeen chida aca como que aca bien chida,tsss ntonses si la acabas o que??

jajaja esta de huevos.
porfabor has una chiquita del bicentenario porfabor te lo ruego me inco de rodillas, me bajo por los chescos, bueno por los chescos no pero por fabor hasla.


Yeah, I know the feeling. People take ages to get out the next episode, or just forget after that area... Real Legend anyone?

Still, excellent (and rude) as always, and I hope you keep making these for a while!